For the whiskey lover in your law firm, we’ve hand-picked five top-shelf bottles from small, independent distillers (the kind you won’t find at a big-box retailer).

american whiskey gift guide for lawyers


This Analog Lawyer Gift Overview for Attorneys That Analog takes the concept of analog onto a new path to offer you, our critical viewers, a collection of small-batch, hard-to-find, primarily unidentified, instead remarkable and prize-winning American whiskies.

Get the overview, and make certain to utilize code ATTORNEY10 for 10% off any order over $100.

Wait, Did You State Whiskey?
I know what you’re wondering: Where are the pencils? Where are the Post-it notes? I guarantee you, I vouch, there is absolutely nothing more analog than developing an absolutely fantastic container of bourbon, bourbon or rye. It is a craft that can only be functioned by hand, gradually, with time, resulting in a product where every bottle is one-of-a-kind. Like a signature.

Because the American Scotch Renaissance Is Real and Continuous
You may have heard of several of the brands that have actually leaped right into the general public eye in the last decade. Brands like Pappy Van Winkle, Michter’s and Basil Hayden’s. However below’s the interesting feature of these and various other seemingly independent whiskies you might have observed at your liquor shop: They’re made in the very same distilleries as the large brands that possess them. They are fine whiskies, but they are just the suggestion of the spear. Hundreds of start-up distilleries in nearly every state are racing to be the following Pappy.

What’s in the guide?
Looter alert: Five extraordinary whiskies. First, a brand-new expression of America’s initial distillation, from 17th century Virginia. Next off, an upstart new Irish whiskey that’s obtained a challenging junkyard dog attitude. There’s a specialized bourbon with a sexy Brazilian individuality. We found a South Carolina distillery whose whiskey is as stylish and distinct as the bottle it comes in. Finally, there’s a damned lovely straight rye out of Chicago birthing the special knowledge and mischievous elan of a historical American symbol.

Most importantly, we had the ability to source these containers from a solitary representative, making your acquisition a one-stop shop– and don’t fail to remember the discount (see listed below).

This Brings United States to All American Bourbon
A couple of years back, your simple Analog Lawyer reporter and a qualified associate released a brand-new internet site publication: All American Whiskey. Our purpose is to release top-shelf blogging about the society of American whiskey. Not reviews, due to the fact that how you experience the flavor of a whiskey is purely subjective and sampling notes never ever really make good sense. There are 86 other scotch websites doing testimonials; also, see the previous sentence concerning subjectivity. We are authors. Our objective is to tell the stories of the people making the whiskey, from the business owners with the needed madness to launch a distillery, to the master craftsmen who establish unique flavor profiles, to individuals pouring you a shot in a bar. Their stories are what makes the bourbon excellent

Discounts Just for You

Whiskey Gifts for Lawyer Cover

The distilleries referenced above — and a few more — are all in the gift guide curated by All American Whiskey (and yours truly) in collaboration with Big Thirst. We’ve developed a little bit of a relationship with these folks, and they have graciously offered a discount code for our readers.

Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can get the gift guide straight away. If you like what you see in the guide, use the discount code ATTORNEY10 to save 10% on orders over $100.

And please do check out the All American Whiskey website and newsletter.

Editor’s note: Neither the author, All American Whiskey, nor Attorney at Work is being compensated by the companies listed. Enjoy your celebrations, and please drink responsibly.

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