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Hobonichi Techo planners have actually stolen my heart.

As a verified card-carrying analog weirdo, my relationship with paper is multivalent as well as probably ever so slightly undesirable. I nerd out over really wonderful sticky notes. I write thank-you cards like it’s 1845. I experience pencils the way other individuals go through something they go through. Yet, though I gush over Leuchtturm 1917 pads as well as Moleskines and also (oh, child) Baron Fig note pads, my day-to-day coordinator is a crappy yellow legal pad and also has actually been for a lengthy damn time. Or it was.

I Will certainly Be Using a Hobonchi Techo Planner

There are a lot of good factors for me not to do this. I tend to work in weeks, not days. My job is not terrifically demanding. I do not have a lengthy to-do list. It’s more of a to-do range. Dated web pages are not my style. I’m writing this short article on a Monday early morning and also the to-do list I’m functioning from was set in tragically illegible manuscript on my crappy lawful pad last Thursday. I’ve just ended up one thing on that particular checklist. An organized coordinator like the Hobonichi Techo may be a massive waste of paper..

Yet I Can not Help It: The Hobonichi Techo Is So Excellent.

Every little thing regarding this planner is something that works. It resembles they get me: I like ultra-luxurious functionality. Therefore, listed below, please locate my deep dive into the Hobonichi Techo organizer. I cover every qualitative aspect that makes this organizer terrific.

Just consider exactly how attractive it is!
The Paper Is the Gold Standard for Notebooks.

Notebook nerds around the earth go nuts for Tomoe River paper. So do ink pen fanatics. Tomoe River papers are taken into consideration world-class due to the fact that they are elegant, they will not bleed, and they do not plume.

Paper hemorrhage is a problem for journal customers and also ink pen writers. Ink hemorrhages right through inexpensive paper to the opposite, fusing with what’s already written there, creating a Rorschachian fear that’s difficult to review.

Glamorous and also uncommon Tomoe River paper.

Tomoe River paper is coated on both sides with a material included elf tears and magic. I would like to inform you what the coating actually is yet I can not discover a definitive post and also no matter because Tomoegawa Co. needed to change its machines in 2021. This implied the 52gsm paper they ‘d been making considering that Woodrow Wilson was in office, the onion-skin thin layered grandeur that enabled best inking, was changed with 68gsm paper. The Techo organizers for 2022 made use of some of the last of the 52gsm paper, and that just made them even more remarkable because that paper is priceless.

The quality and density of paper make a substantial distinction– if you’re a paper nerd. If you’re an individual who just likes to utilize your fountain pen on one side of the paper and also still read what you wrote on the other side, after that this does not matter.

Tomoe River paper is pH neutral, which indicates it is historical high quality, which implies your pet cat doodles will certainly be preserved for their supreme exploration and subsequent worship by future aliens.

The paper for 2024 planners will be changing from Tomoegawa’s Tomoe River Paper to successor Sanzen’s version of Tomoe River Paper, therefore much the evaluations from the freakishly with testers have actually been pretty good..

Customer Layout: The Hobonichi Techo Has Been Crowd-Sourced for More than 20 Years.

Hobonichi pays attention to its users, and they utilize impressive designers so every aspect on every web page has actually been tested in real life by numerous customers. Each element is very helpful, expertly created, therefore user-friendly you don’t also understand you needed it.

Simple, elegant as well as valuable.
Like the way they provide years in a Hobonichi Techo.

I never ever truly thought of this. A year is a year, it doesn’t really need any type of unique therapy. But I was wrong. Crack open a Hobonichi Techo and also the whole year is presented for you across two full pages. Considering that those pages lay flawlessly level, you have a whole year at a glimpse with Sundays in red. It appears obvious– like every planner does this. But that’s not totally true. Leuchtterm 1917 has a three-year introduction. Moleskin does not really have one that really feels valuable. I find the way Hobonichi presents the entire year beneficial both for circling around essential days for seeing them at-a-glance as well as for helping me imagine my year.

The indexed yearly pages are ideal.
But they take it an action better with regular monthly index web pages.

This is actually helpful for people like me that see time as a wormhole attracted by M.C. Escher. We need this kind of linear format. Each month remains on a two-line room for notes after that in addition to 31 rows, each with the number and also very first letter of the day. It’s basic yet additionally remarkably helpful.

Hobonichi Techo Planners’ Monthly Screens Are Also Incredible.

Daily of the month is shown just, in a box divided by feint dashed lines into 30 little boxes. The analog nerd inside of me intends to use those boxes for something. There ought to be a system and after the briefest search of the interwebs, I was let down that no journal nerd had actually produced one. However the chance exists, which becomes part of exactly how the simpleness of the Hobonichi Techo benefits you. Wish to turn a week right into some sort of target-based Eisenhower box of efficiency? You have 30 means to do it.

Oh, Yet Those Daily Pages Are Sweet.

Daily pages develop the core of the Hobonichi Techo 2022 organizer. This is where you’ll do most of your work as well as the everyday pages are where Hobonichi has actually applied their finest acts of brilliant. These design options make the Hobonichi Techo 2022 the best option for a planner.

The day and week of the year as well as the moon stage remain in the folio

The date is a common style function for a daily coordinator. Without it, the planner is not an everyday coordinator, it’s simply a journal. Hobonichi prints bare information, keeping in mind the date number, the week of the year number. The opposing folio reveals the mathematical day of the year and the phase of the moon for that day. Do you require to recognize the stage of the moon? Does your company not hire werewolves? #werewolflaw

The left-hand margin timeline feature is my infant

Below is where the Japanese language Hobinichi Techo and the English version vary– and possibly not for English. The Japanese Hobonichi separates the day in the verso margin into three-hour intervals. This lets you look at the day in little pieces. The English verso margin is divided at noontime. Originally, it feels like you’re looking at the day in two chunks– as well as it makes you wonder what the developers were thinking. But I such as the open format, the means the day isn’t divided so rigidly. I can still ink in my hours however I want or I can abandon rigidness and dance like nobody is looking.

Do you intend your meals? Because you can prepare your meals

It’s very little, yet the bottom left side of the everyday web page has a little knife and fork emblem without any explanation of just how it’s made use of. Are you writing your dining establishment reservations? Are you tracking calories? Are you enjoying your carbohydrates? Preparation a dish? Buying kale? Yes. Yes, you are. They all fit here. And sure, it’s a little gaudy. A little trendy. However you’re most likely currently considering supper all the time. It’s the carrot hanging off the day’s stick. Might too write it down.

Schroedinger’s Dotted Grid design

The 4mm rushed grid, published in a pale grey, is perfect because it exists if you require it yet kind of fades away if you intend to ignore it. It allows for crazy personalization. You can do practically anything with it if you’re a box and also grid kind of thinker. You can build all kinds of difficult interconnected cubic constructions to organize your day. Or just neglect the grid completely and organize your day with cartoons (this prevails amongst Hobonichi Techo customers.

Those tinted month-to-month tabs are a big aid

Tabs are one of the underrated excellent creations of stationery science. They’re up there with page factors as well as paper clips on being as innovative as they are easy. The Hobonichi tabs the edges of each web page with a good black tab numbered for the month it shows up in. Sundays are red, which is an useful visual pointer of where you are in the week.

The Japanese version shade codes the tabs for each month, which I favor. Yet the minimal style requirements for the English language Techo avoid that added organizational feature. This may be terrific for layout, but it might shed the tiniest little of efficiency.

Sundays are red

Every Sunday’s daily web page is published in red, rather than the light charcoal of other days. This is a simple visual suggestion that a brand-new week is starting as well as if you acknowledge Sundays as the official time off in your week, then it also indicates that you need to be unwinded with your feet up. Nonetheless, most of us use Sunday as an unofficial jumpstart on Mondays. The red printing signals it’s time to get breaking.

There Is a ‘Turning up!’ Folio at the beginning of Monthly

Which births a kind of helpless positive outlook that normally makes me intend to toss things. But I think the work of the exclamation mark in this expression as printed in the Hobonichi Techo organizers is encouraging, not cringy. As well as of course, I recognize, that is a decidedly minor attribute to get curmudgeonly on however I welcome you, dear viewers, to ask on your own, rhetorically: Have we met? Also the tiniest dot in the Hobonichi Techo organizer is worth long, rewarding rumination, eyes furrowed in a quiet Stoicism as you concentrate concerning whether this single circumstances of an exclamation mark deserves your angry indignation.

Informative Pages Are Educational

Every organizer has a variation of these pages, the bolts that align the page matter and supply the best most general efficiency. Yet, individuals like me locate them the surprise gems of many planners. The Hobonichi informational pages are one of the most wackadoodle yet. I don’t hate these insertions, but I do not discover them entirely useful in a post-analog globe. As well as I don’t locate them valuable in a post-post-analog globe like, for instance, mine. If I sound like I’m teasing them, please neglect the snark.

Certain, there’s the 17-dot grid blank sheets

Jammed therein after December. What are they for? Just how do you utilize them? Does it matter? The word JOT is typically used below as a basic sign of what you’re meant to do with them. However an organizer needs some blank sheets as well as these are perfect in their dottiness, enabling grid work, organization or crazy doodling.

And, obviously, some calls pages

As if your phone doesn’t function. I mean, right here is an artefact of analog’s digital derision I can’t get behind. My phone is the greatest location to maintain phone numbers and also get in touch with info because if I’m mosting likely to call a person, I’m mosting likely to do it utilizing my phone, even if I’m seeking out their address to send them a card. However, there may be value in having get in touch with pages in the rear of the Hobonichi Techo. I simply don’t recognize what that is.

As well as conversion tables since Siri gets a time off, right?

I don’t even make use of a search page for converting weights as well as steps. I simply chew out Siri and informs me that 11 teaspoons are virtually 4 tablespoons so I can get back to my important research in cookieology. I would not consider a discussion table if you paid me. We need brand-new disposable web pages! Why not a list of the most Etruscan verb modifiers?

Naturally, your individual information

A legacy holdover, however probably a better one. If you drop your Hobonichi Techo at the zoo as well as some valuable client discovers it, they can mail it back to you. Or toss it to the Monkeys. I mean, why did you bring your organizer to the zoo anyhow? If you’re a paranoid person, you’re not mosting likely to use these web pages anyhow. However if Reddit has actually instructed me anything, it’s the worth of an act of altruism for expanding your follower base. So include your data as well as when you lose your budget, just wait. Some streamer will bring it to you just to movie the entire thing for likes.

What remains in your 100?
Finally, a Hobonichi Techo Planner informative page I truly enjoy: My 100

I’m a list lunatic and also Hobonichi hobo obtains me. They have a two-page spread separated into 100 cells for you to track, list, or order 100 of something. This is where I would include my rolling pail list, which is still in process. I suggest, I’ve lastly obtained my “5” found out (Helen Mirren, Terri Garr, Sean Young, any one of the fish from Fantasia, Peter Dinklage) and now I need to develop 100 points I intend to do prior to I croak? Well, at the very least I have an useful area to keep them currently.

Finally, a planner that tracks global garments dimensions!

I can not tell you exactly how usually I have actually gone and also gotten a shirt online just to find out that 2X in Korea sizes will hardly fit onto my arm a lot less over my august upper body. Say thanks to paradises the Hobonichi Techo has a hand chart of apparel dimensions since I do not understand why.


Which is a very usual dish in Japan. It’s basically anything on rice. Every meal’s name simply means “this point+ rice.” These web pages full of rice recipe lore remain in every version of the Hobonichi. I seem like it would certainly be as if the Franklin Coordinator people added a whole chapter on the different hot-dog designs of America– OK, now I get it.


Because the Hobonichi Techo’s got them. Consisting of the traditional “give a gold piece to a pet cat” which is most like the American idiom “pearls before swine” or “cursive prior to the gen-z.” Perhaps I need these cozy pet sayings and expressions, however, as a cure all for my inherent anger.

Probably the Hobnichi Techo day-to-day quote can assist?

Under of the verso pages Hobonichi prints a motivational quote. All of them are from the Hobonichi Techo’s writer and designer, Shigesato Itoi, copywriter, author, lyricist, video game designer and also star. Itoi is the editor-in-chief of his website as well as firm Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, reduced to Hobonichi, which equates as “Nearly Daily Itoi Paper.” Itoi messages quick essays, simply a believed actually, called “Today’s Darling” and it is these thoughts you’ll reed in your Hobinichi.

If you’re asking yourself just how a copywriter from Japan may be relevant to your life, may I recommend Itoi has currently been in your life? You have actually played his bass fishing video game and also you’ve heard his voice in “My Neighbor Totoro” and you may have played his adaptation of Syndicate on Nintendo.

Those mini-calendars conceal amazing design techniques

Across from the everyday quote, on the right-hand web pages, you’ll find a tiny calendar. Not precisely a stretch to consist of a mini-calendar in a planner. Yet because mini calendar, the days of both web pages expanded before you are encircled. This is just one of those discreet style features that emphasize the overall kindness of the techo coordinator. It’s an aesthetic reminder of where you are. I believe it’s a massive assist in maintaining you in the flow of the direct timeline.

Each Hobonichi Techo organizer is phoned number

Your coordinator will certainly be marked with an identification number on the inside of the back cover. You can not do a lot with it, yet there is an odd contentment recognizing your organizer is the only one with that specific number jazzed up in the back.

There is a great deal of vacuum on the Hobonichi Techo web pages

Around the daily web pages and throughout the planner, low space is generous as well as constant. As a doodler, I’m extremely delighted with the free space because I will certainly load it with cartoons, foolish numbers, negative math and also unusual geometry. You might find that area helpful in establishing your very own indicia or tales to modify as well as order your very own unique brand of daily preparation.

The craftsmanship is as good as the layout

The Tomoe River paper is just the structure for terrific craftsmanship in the Hobonichi coordinators. They are stitched with each other to lay open flat. This matters a great deal to coordinator people. As the organizer is utilized, it lays flatter as well as flatter, no matter where you open it. A planner must lay flat even if you aren’t utilizing it. If you lay your Hobonichi open on your desk, it will remain this way as if it’s a ring-bound At-A-Glance coordinator. OK, maybe not in the first week, yet it doesn’t take wish for things to adapt.

Hobonchi Techo rounded edges are top-shelf details

Round corners are not only rather, they are likewise functional. I work with my trusty lawful pad right next to my laptop computer as well as I can’t inform you just how much I despise its square edges. I catch them each time I move my hand so, after a number of hours, the bottom-left edge of the top web page is snuggled and in my method as well as &%$ # @! I’m so crazy. That doesn’t take place when I’m making use of the Baron Fig and it sure as hell will not occur when I’m 6 months into a Hobonichi Techo

Small detail? Yes. Essential to my personal happiness? Like the air I breathe.

Right here’s Where to Get Your Hobonichi Techo.

You can search the Hobonichi Techo schedule below on the official site, that includes Japanese as well as English options. The original book, which is A6 size as well as 442 web pages, costs $35 or thereabouts. You can also get the collection, which includes a cover and also numerous inserts, as kept in mind. Fair warning: These coordinators have extremely anticipated launch dates, which begin in September, so order in advance. brings Hobenichi devices yet doesn’t constantly have the existing version in supply. You can likewise find Hobonichi products at and also at Milligram.

Originally published in August 2021; most recent upgrade, August 2024.

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